Let’s begin where we should – with reigning Best Actress Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh at Paris Fashion Week. She was seen at the Schiaparelli show in an exquisite black pantsuit and the pictures don’t do it justice so I’m giving you a video. Look at how perfectly tailored the jacket is, how the sides are longer and fall exactly where they should at her hips. 


And the fit of the pants! Loose but not sloppy and hemmed to exactly the right length. 

This may be one of the best black suits I have ever seen. It’s giving expensive and, of course, on Michelle, it’s giving even more expensive. 


But we cannot forget about the accessories, and in particular that glove, just one, on her right hand, because she’s a badass like that, and they come with gold claws. Obsessed!

Michelle Yeoh attends the Schiaparelli Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on September 28, 2023 in Paris, France

Now to Vanessa Kirby at Chloé. This is just a great black dress, period. But it’s the flat boots that make the difference. The dress, with the lace, and the bell sleeves, nine out of ten would go with a heel. The fact that Vanessa chose a boot gives it a fresh edge, an attitude. And she is serving with the poses, with her expression. The category is assassin, put her in a John Wick movie right now! This bitch will cut your throat and go shoe shopping immediately after. 

Please also note the black bow in her hair. This is the way to do it that isn’t annoying and twee (Princess Kate). If you want to try, Urban Outfitters has a pretty great selection of hair accessories and a lot of ribbon bows in different sizes. A black bow is easier for Vanessa with her blonde hair because the black pops out way more, but on dark hair a white bow can bring the drama, too, with the right style and outfit.