After several weeks of not very exciting looks, because omicron was slowing down so much celebrity activity, this week we have two! 

It was actually supposed to be just one. Earlier in the week, while in New York promoting The Adam Project, Zoe Saldana stepped out in a great black wrap dress with multi-colour trim and an excellent pair of boots. For me it’s the boots. I love the colour. I love the slight slouch. They’re SO good. 


In other Zoe news, she’s been posting about being back in Gamora for the last few weeks. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is underway. But Marvel had issues with something she shared on Instagram: 

There’s the MCU’s secret police at work, monitoring their talent. I understand why. I mean, I’m not the person zooming in on a the book to get spoiler details but I know they’re out there and after they do the work, I might be the person to read it when it gets posted online. 


To go back to Zoe’s outfit though, like I said, she was the standalone OOTW until last night, when Amanda Seyfried stepped out, also in New York, likely promoting The Dropout. This velvet suit though. Right?

The colour highlights the richness of the fabric. And the velvet itself, with the laser-cut, zoom in on that, around the sleeves, so you can see the detail here, it’s amazing. And the perfect call to pair it with a black bra, because the exposed skin actually highlights the skin spaces that the laser-cutting creates. Really strong styling here and I’m excited to see what else she and Elizabeth Stewart have put together for this press tour.