Two years ago, Lainey decided that Duana is right and yes, Owen Wilson can get it. (Duana is usually right about things). I am wondering if that decision still holds up, with Owen Wilson wandering Los Angeles in a sweatsuit and cowboy hat combo. I feel like the only other person who could pull this off is Jeff Bridges, or maybe Chris Pine. Are Owen Wilson and Chris Pine fighting for the right to succeed Jeff Bridges as the real-world Dude?


Wilson is fresh off the second season—last season?—of Loki. Through two seasons Loki has been one of the most genuinely interesting and fresh things Marvel has done, but those last two episodes of season two are all-time bangers. But oh, my HEART. Between Mobius saying, “I might just wait here for a little bit,” and Izzy Hands on Our Flag Means Death, my comfort characters on my comfort shows are not being very comfortable! But Wilson’s performance, which has always been one of the best elements of Loki, is just spectacular in that episode. I know it’s not going to get any official awards attention, but “Glorious Purpose” should be Wilson’s Emmy entry.


So, Owen Wilson quietly remains a great actor and one of Hollywood’s most lowkey but genuine eccentrics. Never change, Owen Wilson. Well, except for that situation with the daughter he doesn’t see. Despite being an involved parent with his two older sons, Wilson has reportedly still not met his now five-year-old daughter, Lyla. Not a great look! Chris Pine pulls ahead in the Dude stakes!