I got the flu shot for the first time in my life this year. And kinda reluctantly. They offer it for free here and I know it’s highly recommended, I was always just lazy and I really hate needles. But my doctor, who I adore, reminded me: your ma is immune-compromised and she can’t get it so since you’re always around her, you need to protect her. You’re not doing this for yourself, you’re doing it for her. My doctor is good, non? I haven’t been sick since. Watch. Now I’ve probably jinxed myself but when I hear about stories like this and Ozzy Osbourne’s flu, I totally don’t regret it. (Dlisted) 

Diane Kruger is talking about her relationships and her baby. Or, rather, she’s talking about not talking about her relationships. She also says she had to wait for the right person before having kids. And when you layer in the overlap in timeline between Joshua Jackson and Norman Reedus… well… is she trying to tell us that Joshua didn’t want kids and Norman did? (Cele|bitchy) 

The Tom Ford show was yesterday. Danai Gurira looks AMAZING in Tom Ford. I wonder if she’ll be in Tom Ford if she goes to the Oscars. Karlie Kloss’s Tom Ford look, on the other hand, is not all that impressive. And yes, Ansel Elgort TOTALLY looks like Carson Kressley! (Go Fug Yourself) 
I think you know how I feel about the Avengers? I’m going to watch the sh-t about of Avengers: Endgame. But already I’m worried. Not about the quality of the movie but about my pee schedule. My f-cking small ass bladder. And now this movie is probably almost 3 hours long? How did these people not get up once? How will I be able to not get up once? (Pajiba) 

Ariana Grande is not bothered by whatever’s happening between Kate Becksinale and Pete Davidson. She always said she wanted the best for him. There’s nothing here. And so her response here is PERFECT. (TMZ) 

Comment sections are usually full of toxic waste. F-cksh-t and ignorance, nothing redeemable. But is there an exception? Is it in the branding? Is it because they don’t call them “comments” and calling it something else, the commentary is actually … not horrible at all? Or is only a matter of time before assholes hear about this and contaminate it? (The Ringer)