Sean Combs has had a lot of names. We met him as Puff Daddy. That became Puffy. Then it was P Diddy. Then it was just Diddy. I think at one point Sean John was in there. And now he’s changing it again. Like he has a lawyer and he’s filing paperwork. Can you guess what the name is? It is not, unfortunately, “JLo’s Ex”. Which I think I could support. (Dlisted) 

I do not watch horror movies, scary movies, none of that sh-t. I can’t handle it. But I did see The Conjuring because I was assigned to the junket and it was paired with Pacific Rim, starring Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam. This was a first world problem but I’m here to tell you I was f-cked up for weeks afterwards. And now I feel validated because some f-cked up sh-t happened to Vera Farmiga when she was making the movie – whyyyyy did I just read this?! (Cele|bitchy) 

Holy sh-t this dress on Cara Delevingne. Not my usual style vibe but you can’t deny how special it is because it’s metallic and still, the metal somehow looks like skin. Like molded metallic skin. And not in a cheap way either. (Go Fug Yourself) 
What do you consider a “controversial” movie? What are your parameters for what’s controversial? Kayleigh Donaldson’s written a really interesting piece about how “controversy” is categorised and… well… it says a lot about social perception and you can totally break that out beyond film and into our own lives. (Pajiba) 

No sarcasm here: I really did need Martha Stewart’s take on Felicity Huffman’s prison sentence and her prison outfit. (Buzzfeed)