Over the last few months, as we’ve seen, in the escalation of World War Brange, it’s been clear which side is favouring which media outlet. TMZ and Page Six have been undeniably pro-Pitt. Page Six’s approach has been most interesting, starting when they pulled the story about Brad and Dr Neri Oxman out of nowhere. One day, when all of this is hopefully resolved, I want to look back on how this rolled out, the strategic attacks they’ve each launched against each other, as a case study for celebrity warfare. Right now though, it’s too soon, because it’s still ongoing. 

Last week there was supposed to be a court hearing that was delayed, extending the interim custody agreement that Brange had previously agreed to. So, basically, it was a lot of noise over nothing, no changes. Well. This weekend Page Six published a story about how “Angelina is no longer the saint she set out to be”. In short: even though she’s been doing humanitarian work for over 15 years, all of that goodwill she’s accumulated has gone to sh-t because she’s actually horrible manipulative bitch who’s out to get her estranged husband because she’s not over him and hates that he’s trying to move on and is basically making his life miserable, that bitter c-nt… all of this according to a “family source”, which is interesting wording because they’re probably on to the fact now that “a source close to Brad” has become too obvious. A “family source” implies some sort of neutrality. As if there’s really someone who hangs out with both Brad and Angelina and can make an objective assessment of the situation and somehow their objective assessment has landed in Page Six. 

For those who’ve been following the mess, there’s no doubt who been leaking and feeding quotes to Page Six, many of them about how Angelina is the one who’s engaging in a public battle while Brad’s innocently minding his own business, not wanting to have this play out in the media. But on some level, as transparent as it is, Team Pitt must think it’s working. Which is why they keep doing it. They’re getting the results they want. It’s a pretty impressive character assassination. Who best to take down a saint? The man who married her.

Here’s Angelina out for lunch and some shopping with Pax this weekend and not in black but in a sexy camel colour strapless dress with a matching wrap, continuing to step out with the kids to show us how close she is with them. She, too, seems determined to keep with the consistent media messaging. Is it working as well as his?