Pamela Anderson has been dating French soccer player Adil Rami for a couple of years now. It’s apparently been a tumultuous relationship. Back in March, TMZ reported that they’d gotten back together after breaking up months before when he proposed and she said no. When they reconciled, her friends were worried because Adil “has tried cutting Pam off from her friends and family”. Now Pam seems to be confirming that her loved ones were right to be afraid. Here’s her Instagram post: 


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She accuses him of cheating and leading a double life, but she also tags the National Domestic Violence Hotline and in the comments, she elaborates on her traumatic experience with Adil – screencaps below and FYI, there are a lot of them. The article continues below. Please scroll down. 














She may have written more after I last checked but you get the point: according to Pam, Adil was allegedly manipulative and abusive. She claims that he did, as TMZ reported, try to isolate her from her friends and family. That he never trusted her and watched over her movements. That he kept promising that he would get help but the situation never improved. That she left so many times only to come back after he convinced her he would change. That she’s afraid of him, as she makes it sound like he has connections in France and might hurt her. 

Pam is clearly in a lot of pain. And she may not be safe. Sharing this on Instagram, perhaps, might help her. Silence protects abusers. If she’s in danger, her spotlight might be what protects her right now. But also, in sharing what she’s been through, and specifically detailing the way abusers control and gaslight their victims, she’s adding her voice to the many, many, too f-cking many people who’ve been through similar situations. 

Right now, the big headline is that Adil cheated on Pam – because most people haven’t yet read the comments she’s left on her post or they aren’t paying much attention to them. Infidelity here is not the major concern. The major concern is that Adil has allegedly been abusing her and THAT should be the story. Hopefully Pam’s network is rallying now and getting her out. 

Attached - Pamela Anderson at an event in Paris on the weekend.