As you know, we don’t talk much here about the Kardashians. My favourite thing about them, though, is probably what they did to Paris Hilton. Ebola Hilton. There was a time when no one was spared. Once you were seen with Paris, that was it, the contamination was near permanent. Except… the Kardashians seemed immune? Somehow they made it irrelevant and became even more famous, so much more famous, than Paris Hilton ever has been. Which is why Paris Hilton still wants it to be 2007. (Dlisted)

I think I got a message on social media somewhere the other day from some Robsten Is Unbroken fan site with a photo of Robert Pattinson with some dude who’s friends with Kristen Stewart or something and that means they’re back together? Sure. But is she blonde now? Because if she’s not blonde, he wasn’t holding hands with her the other day. (Cele|bitchy)

WHAT. This is a giant meatball…stuffed with spaghetti! Have I talked about how much I love spaghetti? I mean I love pasta, all of it, but I really, really love spaghetti. Even not-very-good spaghetti. Gail Simmons was on our show recently and she has a recipe for spaghetti pie. Spaghetti pie! So, obviously, I need to try this giant spaghetti meatball but I feel like it’s one of those things that’s better when someone else makes it for you. (Pop Sugar)

I’m not a loud food-chewer….but I’m a slurper. And this is a problem at my house because my ma delivers Chinese soup to us once a week and I have this soup for dinner several times a week and I loooove to slurrrrrp my soup. You’re supposed to slurp your soup loud in Asian culture to show your appreciation. In Polish culture though, and Jacek is Polish, it’s rude to make noise like that while you’re eating. So which rules should we observe? (Pajiba)

I never get these “guess the celebrity this child turned into!” photos. For example, I thought the latest entry was Julia Roberts. It is not Julia Roberts. But doesn’t it look like her? Tell me if you guess it right and don’t cheat. (TMZ)

I got my first “ugly Christmas sweater” last year and I don’t even think it’s that ugly but, technically, it’s an “ugly Christmas sweater” because it’s green has a giant reindeer head on it. And I love it. So much. I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve decided I’m wearing it on Friday because we’re having a holiday gathering at work – which, apparently, according to VSB, should not be a thing anymore. My “ugly Christmas sweater” isn’t itchy though. Does that make my case? (The Root)