Paris Hilton has some thoughts on feminism. As a feminist, she says she didn’t vote. And, as a feminist, she’s also defending Donald Trump. I don’t actually mind that Paris was asked these questions. Of course she should be asked, fair enough. But now that she’s answered, now that she’s been given the opportunity to show that she’s more than we assumed she was, can we go back to calling her what she is? Ebola? (Dlisted) 

Let’s not write off this outfit completely. Because it’s impossible to 100% overhaul a person’s style. Instead, if we were to work with what we have, what would be the improvements? I would start with the built-in gloves. At the very least, cut them off at the wrist or elbow. It’s a small adjustment that takes this from a 0 to maybe 20%? Then do the same to the feet. Show me some ankle, let the skin breathe. From there does the 20% get to 30%? This is where we max out. (Go Fug Yourself) 

John Cho is playing Billy Eichner’s first boyfriend in Difficult People. And he was cast because he’s John Cho, so funny and talented and gorgeous. Yes. Gorgeous. That’s actually one of the reasons. HIS LOOKS. Which, to me, felt so fresh. An Asian man being the only choice to play a part …because he’s just so beautiful. Also, the part at the end with Seth Meyers and the handjob cracked me up. (Vulture) 

Is there a Jennifer Garner “glow-up” happening? I can’t tell. Have you noticed? If you have, let me know, send me some links. I mean, it would be a great story. To see her have her own “phoenix” moment, especially wardrobe improvements. In fact, the more I think about it, the more excited I am about seeing her styled in a post-Ben Affleck world. (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

Hamilton Los Angeles. And even though Hamilton isn’t “new”, and even though so many celebrities have seen Hamilton on Broadway, celebrities are desperate to see Hamilton in LA. Apparently celebrities are using whatever angle they have to get tickets. And then… brag about it on social media? How long before it becomes a celebrity social media trend? (Jezebel) 

Have I mentioned that I love Oreos? Seriously. What the F-CK? Every time there’s a new variation on Oreos, it’s never available in Canada. This time I didn’t think I’d be into Cadbury + Oreo? But then I saw the photos. And now I need to try it. I need to try this so bad. If you are reading this and you are in Australia, I will send you money if you can send me back a box of this hopefully wonder-tasting thing. (Mashable)