On this week’s Sasha Answers, we begin by discussing our genitals. Have you ever thought about making over and tightening the area? 

As far as incentives go, this one is bullsh-t. I know you know this. But I just want to drill down on the fact that these aren’t even gourmet burgers. Although, wait, sometimes I like a dirty fast food burger a lot more than a gourmet burger. Even a gourmet burger though is… not that much of a goddamn reward. Not compared to the life of having a baby with a professional athlete. The drama involved with that, my God. (Dlisted)

This is an excellent question: Why is Piers Morgan? I didn’t have time when I was in London last month to talk to a wide cross-section of people about how he’s received over there. My friends find him insufferable but that’s only the opinion within a certain bubble. And, well, as we’ve seen, thanks to the Daily Mail, it’s not like there’s not trash in England. Every week there’s an airline story that is pure trash coming out of England. They get up to some crazy sh-t on planes. Is that who watches Piers Morgan? (Pajiba)

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen went to the U2 concert the other night and Tom did not pretend he was too cool to sing along. I mean I can’t be mad at this. Most people at most concerts who sing along can’t sing either. I would have liked to see Tom’s reaction though if Bono at any point talked sh-t about Donald Trump. (TMZ) 
I thought I could defend anything that Paris Jackson wears because I quite like her style but this is indefensible. As Duana just said, it could be pulled off by Rihanna but Rihanna would not have chosen those shoes or this hair. That said, I’m more offended by where Paris Jackson was than anything about this outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 
We need to start writing BFF fan fiction about the Queen and Meghan Markle because they are hanging out again next week which will, I’m sure, be a pain in the ass for the haters who wanted to believe so badly that Her Majesty had no time for Royal Meghan. Clearly Royal Meghan is currently in favour.   (Cele|bitchy) 

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG is what I sent to Duana and Dylan on our “we love gross sh-t” text thread like 30 seconds after Emily, our site manager, sent this over to me today. I am terrified and fascinated and terrified and exhilarated all at the same time. HOLY SH-T.  (CNN)