As I mentioned the other day, I love a thick eyeline. Maybe not as thick as Amy Winehouse used to wear her eyeliner but definitely a good, healthy stripe. It’s because I don’t have enough eyelid real estate to make use of eye shadow and I don’t have too many eyelashes (like maybe 7 on each side) to make much use of mascara. So my eyeliner has to do all the work. 

Check out Paris Jackson last night with a very, very generous liner. This isn’t quite Amy Winehouse but it still might be too generous even for me. Not that I’m mad at it. It looks amazing on her, especially against her blue eyes and strong brows. The clear lips made the liner pop even more. But what I like most about this look is that the clothes are casual – crop top, jeans, sneakers, messy-ish hair. That’s how you tone it down so that it’s not quite so extra but still brings the drama. 

Now that we’re talking about liner though, what’s your technique? I HATE a round swirl half loop at the edge of the eye. Amateur hour. To me, the end of the line should also have a sharp corner, like a check mark, especially on the bottom, the lower part of the line. Charlotte Tilbury calls this a “flick”. You can see her tutorial here

Note too that on Paris you can see zero skin between her eyes and the liner because the liner is drawn on top of the lash line. Nothing makes me crazier than the gap between eyeliner and the lash line. It should not exist. 

As for brands, I have oily ass eyes so I have to use waterproof. But even if I didn’t I’d still use MAC’s LiquidLast because it dries nice and matte and it doesn’t f-cking move. I don’t use the LiquidLast brush though. I use the liquid of LiquidLast but I apply with MAC’s FluidLine because you can actually hold it like a pen and draw the liner like a pen and, I find, the “check mark” or the “flick” comes easier. Look. I’ve just written 360 words about eyeliner and I could probably write another 700 to round it out at a nice even thousand.