Gerard Butler is trying to tell you that his sex life is a Song of Ice and Fire. Because he’s f-cked on a glacier and in (on? at?) a volcano. What’s gross is that I can totally picture it. I can picture him having sex ANYWHERE because he’s just that kind of dude. Also, the answer to the question, where Gerry is concerned, about what movie he did strictly for money is… um…all the movies? All the movies in the last decade? Including the one he has coming out right now? And especially the movie he did with Jennifer Aniston. Who, supposedly, kisses better than Angelina Jolie. In his case? True. Angie wasn’t giving it up to Gerry Butler, please. (Dlisted)

Duana’s joke prediction about Kim and Kanye’s third baby name was “Truth”. You might think that the “hint” Kim supposedly dropped has nothing to do with “truth” but… maybe it’s more layered than that. Louis Vuitton is one of if not the most commonly faked label. OF COURSE Kim and Kanye would never have a knock-off though. So… Truth West? Now that I just typed that out it sounds stupid. But I stand by it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Is this… an on-purpose outfit? Or did it start off as a different outfit and, for whatever reason, maybe comfort, Diane Kruger put on a tacky ass hoodie, the kind you find at an airport? Wait, don’t tell me. It’s probably $500 and designer. I mean, I’m all for a good hoodie and I would love if a hoodie became acceptable on the red carpet but not the kind of hoodie that has rhinestones on it, which this one doesn’t, but it’s about to. It’s one step away from rhinestones. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Wait. WHAT?! Whyyyyyy was this information buried? The Grammys are happening in 10 days. Bruno Mars and Cardi B will perform Finesse live. Amazing. So far The Chainsmokers will not perform at all. Amazing. No G-Eazy either. Amazing. But… also? Patti LuPone is doing Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. HOW IS THIS NOT A TOP STORY!?!? (Pop Sugar) 

Katy Perry is always late for American Idol but the other judges aren’t mad about. Seriously? Why not? I am a chronically punctual person. Like even if I tried to be late I would have a hard time. I just don’t understand why lateness is a thing. Unless, um, you’re Mariah Carey. Then I very much understand because literally she can’t move on her own. “Habitual” lateness, to me, is a character flaw. That is Mimi’s character flaw. And, evidently, Katy Perry’s. And so many other celebrities. Rude. (TMZ) 

As we know, sexual harassment exists in every industry, at all levels. Rolling Stone just published a piece about the systemic sexual harassment that exists in country music radio. The allegation here is that for some emerging female country artists, if you go on a radio tour, and you don’t sit on some DJ’s lap, they won’t play your song in rotation. It’s not all radio stations. But it’s a lot of radio stations. And not enough people want to talk about it and challenge it. (Rolling Stone)