Dear Gossips,

The Billboard Music Awards are happening tonight. These awards don’t really matter so, really, if you’re watching, it’s because of the performances. Taylor Swift is opening the show. Madonna is performing with Maluma. God that guy is so f-cking hot I hope he brings some of the sexy we saw from him in the “Medellin” video to the stage. You know what I’m weirdly most excited about though? 

Access (when did they drop the “Hollywood” from their name?) is reporting that Paula Abdul will close the show with a 6-minute medley of her greatest hits. It’ll be her first award show performance since 1990. Here are some photos of her at rehearsal yesterday. That is a cute rehearsal outfit. 

Am I the only one? 

I mean, sure, Paula’s maybe not on any list of all-time vocalists, but her songs? Her biggest songs? They hold up. “Straight Up” still slaps, as the kids say – I will never not know the words to “Straight Up”, and all the in-between call-backs and every “uh” before a “please please”.  Also, I still love the violin part in “Cold Hearted”. 

If she does “Rush Rush” though, is it, like, I know it’s a lot to ask… but imagine, JUST IMAGINE, if Keanu Reeves comes out? This is not going to happen. But isn’t he random enough that it COULD happen? It’s not going to happen. I would, however, spend a lot of Gossip Genie luck just to see it. 


Yours in gossip,