The Last of Us has been over for a month now but the Pedro Pascal content continues which, I think, we can all agree is a good thing. I don’t want to jinx anything but I feel like Pedro is kinda like Keanu Reeves – he won’t disappoint us. (NO JINX!) (Go Fug Yourself) 


This story that Matthew McConaughey is telling about his family history and how it, um, might link up with Woody Harrelson’s family history is … wild. Like to the point where I’m not related to them but just reading it made me uncomfortable. He’s clearly on a whole other plane of enlightenment but, OMG. And also he’s talking about this publicly!? (Dlisted)

Brett Goldstein is leading the body hair movement in Hollywood. (Cele|bitchy)

Most of us, I think, are familiar with Conan O’Brien’s voice? But his sick voice – have you heard it? Apparently when Conan is sick, he sounds sexy. As in the kind of voice that you would want to hear while pleasuring yourself. I have listened to some audio erotica in my time and I have to say, Conan’s sick voice doesn’t do it for me, but also I think the British accent voice is way overused in audio erotica so I feel like I might rank his voice higher than the regular British dude who gets hired for these things. (Pajiba) 

My husband Jacek had a panic attack in 2021 during the third wave of COVID that landed him in the hospital because he was convinced it was a cardiac event. I’m telling you this because I probably could have handled the situation better which is why I am 100% reading this article tonight about how to help when someone is having a panic attack. (The Cut)