My title is a tribute to the glamorous queen Aretha Franklin, a woman who showed up and showed out at events. What would she do with these girls….


First up is young love and little effort from the Peltz-Beckhams. Brooklyn is in a white suit with sneakers and Nicola’s in a pink Valentino dress. She also wore a pink Valentino dress to the Met Gala in 2021, so I feel like neither she nor the house can possibly be trying that hard here. 

The gown is formal and drapey and on any other red carpet, it would be perfectly serviceable. Vogue gave them a blissful write-up, mentioning minimalism – the opposite of gilded glamour – and supermodel Claudia Schiffer as inspiration. Vogue has invested quite a bit of time in these two and I wonder what the return on that is. The styling here is flat, with the branded pink Valentino bag and the hair – a little jewelry, some feathers, a touch of something ornate would go a long way. The bareness is a little confusing considering that Nicola is the daughter of the billionaire and should totally get the gilded theme. But maybe when you are in it, you can’t see it? 


For Mindy Kaling’s violet Prabal Gurung dress, I’m going to throw it to Tom and Lorenz who were doing the work on Twitter last night. 

Respectfully, I have to disagree. This is a Daytime Emmys dress. No shade to the Daytime Emmys at all but this is what people wear to those shows, a completely serviceable gown in a traditional cut. It’s pretty. But is it glamorous for this event? Is it glamorous enough for a woman who loves fashion as much as Mindy does?

What’s frustrating about this is she often turns looks out on her Instagram and for press junkets, but for the red carpet it’s just not quite there. Yes it’s flouncy and in a pinch, could be considered on theme with the floral details around the shoulders, but it’s lacking strength. This isn’t a dress to take up space and I want Mindy to take up space. I want her to be super extra and this is the red carpet to do it on.