Ordinarily we’d slot a post like this on the LifeStyle page because it’s pure fashion, one outfit. The reason it’s on the main page, however, is because it’s Penelope Cruz, specifically Penelope Cruz in a super dope outfit and I haven’t liked much of what Penelope wears in a long, long time. Here’s an example – Penelope at the Cesar Awards last week. This is so horrible I can’t look at it for long. 

Most of the time though, Penelope is seen in variations of this dress: 

Not all that exciting. 

Which is why I got really hard when she showed up at the Loving Pablo photo call yesterday in Madrid in this leather bomber, over a short flirty skirt with a gold belt buckle and high boots. RIGHT?!? 

It’s her best outfit in years. She looks SO F-CKING GOOD. We all want this outfit. It’s a perfect outfit, an outfit that appeals to everyone, no matter where you live on the style spectrum. Can we get more of this please? 

Also her hair here, it’s goal hair. It’s goal waves. I’m convinced it’s impossible to have waves like this on day 1 of styling. Like you can’t get up out of the chair with hair like this, you can’t style to these waves right away. You have to put in tighter waves, wear out those waves over the course of a day, maybe sleep on them, and only then will they relax and bend the way they look here on Penelope. Agree or disagree?