Shawn Mendes released a single overnight titled “What The Hell Are We Dying For?” It appears to be a breakup track—must be off again, after all, with Camila Cabello—and the opening lyrics are, “Smoke in the air/The city’s burning down”. The artwork for the single is an image of smoke-blanketed Manhattan. People are not, er, receiving this well, given the very real damage of the fires, the terrible air quality, and the climate emergency of it all. Also, every time I hear a Shawn Mendes track, I get the feeling it’s supposed to be sexy, but you cannot convince me this guy f-cks. (DListed)


Adam Sandler and his daughters have entered the nepo baby discourse. (Popsugar)

Sex and the City celebrated its 25th anniversary with a pop-up in New York. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis were there. SJP wore two outfits, one of which is a silver dress that looks like it’s made out of that shiny puffy stuff they use for padded holiday envelopes. I don’t hate it, though. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Anytime anyone uses the word “woke” I want to tune out because “woke” is now so far removed from its initial context it has been rendered meaningless. If anything, it’s just a red flag that someone is about to unload a terrible opinion. But did Edward Enninful get bounced from British Vogue for being too woke? I am inclined to believe there was some kind of power struggle with Anna Wintour, because Enninful made British Vogue such a consistent topic of conversation and under Enninful, their more inclusive profiles and covers made the flagship Vogue look behind the times. 


But I also like the nuance here, that British Vogue skews old and white and Enninful’s direction cost the mag readers who are still willing to subscribe to physical magazines. So, yeah, maybe he did get sacked for being “too woke”, but also, what an amazing own goal on British Vogue’s readership! (Celebitchy)

One of my favorite genres of news is animals getting revenge on humans. Lions eating poachers? Good for her. Orcas attacking yachts? Comrade Shamu, reporting for duty. But seriously, something is going on with the orcas. They’ve been after yachts and smaller crafts in the Straits of Gibraltar for a while now, and the leading theories are that it’s either a group of Rowdy Teens, or one of the pod matriarchs was injured by a boat, and the younger members of the pod are being proactive about defense. Both can be true—a matriarch got hurt and the behavior started as defensive and now the Rowdy Teens are going to town. The latest attack this week is my favorite if only because one sailor said of the incident, which lasted more than an hour, “The whales were in charge of the boat.” It’s like an episode of Zoo come to life! Team Orca all the way. (Futurism)