I *think* I get the science behind Kanye West’s “urine garden” for killing weeds, etc. But is it human urine only? Because dogs piss all over the place and there are still weeds that Jacek is obsessively pulling up every summer in our backyard, even though both our dogs are allowed to free-pee out there. (Dlisted) 

Princess Eugenie might be pregnant and people are putting money on it. STILL! The world economy might be in freefall but we’re placing bets on whether or not Prince Andrew is going to be a grandfather.  (Cele|bitchy) 

If you have to meet with someone, say you’re a politician or something, this is how they’re doing it now as a measure of extra vigilance. It’s making for some interesting photos. Look at this photo. It’s … amazing. The fact that her mask matches her dress is amazing. But I wonder how, if we’re still around in a couple of decades, what it’s going to be like trying to explain. Are you SURE that’s you? Because it could be a lot of people with blonde hair wearing a mask? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Courteney Cox lost against Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin in a Friends trivia game, which makes sense to me because often, when you’re the person in the thing, you don’t really memorise all the things about the thing. Here’s where I’m about to talk about BTS again because this is my talent – I can work BTS into any conversation. Their fans probably know more about them and their songs than they do. Sometimes they play these games about their music and they’re often incapable of remembering what they did in a certain video or whatever. Meanwhile, the BTS ARMY probably has that sh-t tattooed on their backs. (Pajiba) 

Remember cute little Marion who became a viral sensation when she crashed her dad’s BBC interview? She and her brother are the cure to every vile thing that happens on the internet. Anyway, that was three years ago. THREE YEARS AGO! This week we got an update on Marion and you’ll be happy to know that she’s just as spunky as she was then. (Mashable)