Last week the Daily Mail broke the exclusive that Meghan Markle’s first interview after Sussexit would be with Ellen DeGeneres. Meghan and Prince Harry are the biggest gets right now, by far. Everyone wants to talk to them and obviously most people were thinking that they’d choose an equally big name – Oprah or Gayle King and, yes, Ellen, especially since the Sussexes have spent time with her, most recently last summer when she and Portia visited with them in England. 

PEOPLE then reported that according to their “royal source” the rumours are “categorically untrue”. But how did this rumour get started? You know that Harry and Meghan who are suing the Daily Mail wouldn’t have wanted the Daily Mail to break their story. Even if they wanted to place their own leak, it wouldn’t have been that outlet. So is someone inside the palace still selling out the Sussexes? The thing is, Harry and Meghan are out of there now. They’re keeping their sh-t away from the royal nucleus. That was the point – not the official point of their decision but, as we’ve seen over the last couple of years, there’s been some serious internal politics happening behind the scenes. As non-working members of the royal family now, they no longer have to, in theory, let the palace know about every single detail of their lives. Which means, for a change, the Daily Mail may not have gotten this from England. 

I’ve heard from some contacts that it came out of LA. From media circles in LA. And now, because of the leak, I wonder if that’s jeopardised Ellen’s chances of landing that interview. More importantly though, in their new life, if they’re breaking away from the royal structure where they were getting backstabbed all the time, the Sussexes still have to keep their sh-t tight in their expanded circle, especially if that includes LA and Hollywood. Because it’s not like there’s not a thriving gossip industry there. 

However this story got out there, whatever the source of the rumour, it’s f-cking amateur hour. Going forward, Harry and Meghan really have to start securing their communications routes. Beyoncé could help with that.