I posted yesterday about Angelina Jolie and the story coming out of Entertainment Tonight about how she’s dating an unidentified “older looking” real estate agent. ET is not Radar or Star Magazine. ET’s accuracy is generally much higher than the lower tier tabloids and whatever’s coming out of Australia or the UK (where Hollywood is concerned). But the report still seemed shady because, as I noted, Angelina’s media strategy since World War Brange has been mom-first. Which is why I questioned the source of the information and who would most benefit from it. Certainly not Angelina. But I can’t see ET running a story if they didn’t trust their source – or if they weren’t working with the source to leverage a bigger opportunity in the future. And, well, that could bring it back it Brad Pitt and whatever it is that he’s slow-rolling.

Yesterday PEOPLE reported that Angelina is “absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be” with their sources countering ET’s account, stressing that, “She will focus only on their children and being with them. She has no interest in dating at all”. Which is in line with how she’s managed her image since the separation. Which is why the leak about her allegedly dating a real estate agent most likely did not come from her. Or her people. Or anyone in her circle. Although, if you really want to get conspiracy theorist, it could have come from someone in her circle as a way of weeding out someone else in her circle to find the mole. Celebrities do this all the time. They pass on a lie to someone and see whether or not that lie gets out. If it does, they know exactly who it was.

So now we have multiple conspiracy theories to consider. Was Angelina mole-hunting? Or is Team Pitt behind these shenanigans? 

On a Pitt-related note, sort of, I opened today with Sean Penn and his sh-tty writing. Earlier this month Sean was seen at dinner with some friends, to celebrate the publication of his book. Bradley Cooper was there. So was Brad Pitt. And he was conveniently photographed with a copy of the book in his pocket. Should we hold this against him? I am holding this against him.