PEOPLE revealed its new cover story yesterday featuring Kate of House Cambridge, the “royal mom behind the scenes” with her friends and other sources telling the magazine what she’s really like: she’s “not a pushover” and she’s casual, no blowouts only ponytails, when she’s with her kids. 


Today they’re releasing even more “exclusive” details shared by whoever these friends are – and all of it is hilariously benign and also super thirsty. Like this paragraph: 

“At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it,” says a source close to Kate. “If you go round to her house, you get a cup of tea, and it’s often William who makes it! It’s a lovely, welcoming house, not a fancy, stuffy palace in any way.”

Will and Kate…just like us! They serve tea – and William makes it! 

Someone is trying to go out of their way to convince people that the Cambridges aren’t poncy wankers which… as I noted yesterday… is this a reaction to The Crown


And then there’s this bit about Kate and what she does when she has time to spare, which is never because she has three kids, but on the off-chance she can take a moment, here’s what she gets up to: 

“And like moms around the world, after the kids have gone to sleep, she’s able to enjoy some “me” time, shopping online or watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. (She sometimes does her own hair and makeup before events.)”

“Like moms around the world” is LITERALLY “just like us” messaging. 

But did you LOL like I did at the “beauty tutorials” detail? This is oddly specific and really, really funny. That someone claiming to be an FoK (Friend of Kate) is making sure we know that not only does she not have a glam squad, she like millions of other people around the world fires up the laptop to learn how to do a smoky eye or a cat-eye and contour. Come to think of it, her makeup does look updated these days. 

You think she’s learning anything from the Kardashians? Who is Katy Cambridge’s go-to beauty influencer?  And what are we going to find out tomorrow? That Will’s perfected a sourdough starter and Kate loves a Buzzfeed quiz?!