There are a lot of people side-eyeing Kim Kardashian right now because she told Allure that she’s never used fillers, only Botox. Is that like, “I’ve never used fillers” because she uses a different word for whatever injections she gets? Or is the sentence incomplete? As in, “I’ve never used fillers….” but she has had plastic surgery? This, for me, is the issue. I’m not against any cosmetic enhancements and I’ve said multiple times on this site and on television that I can’t wait to buy a new face in South Korea whenever I can get there. But I’m not going to come back with my new face and deny that I’m walking around with a new face. (Dlisted) 


Here’s the latest Chanel haute couture collection and if there’s one look I would pick for myself it’s slide #33. OMG I love this dress so much and I can’t wait to see it on a red carpet and I can’t see it being Margot Robbie because Margot x Chanel has been so underwhelming. If she and her stylist actually chose this though, it would totally change my mind. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This Elon Musk twins situation has been a big story the last couple of days. If he can’t be decent to the people who are closest to him, how can he be expected to be decent when making decisions for employees and other stakeholders, and the public too, since he’s trying to control the platforms where so many of us spend so much time?  (Cele|bitchy) 

Like Petr Knava, I also used to think that Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” was an uncoverable song. Most Radiohead songs are uncoverable but Adam Barrett achieves the impossible here. This, however, should not be an invitation for just anyone to start attempting “Reckoner” or “A Wolf at the Door” etc. (Pajiba) 

Still mad? Stay mad. Mad about Roe v Wade. This Rolling Stone report will help with that when you find out the conflict of interest between Supreme Court justices and representatives of forced birth networks. (Rolling Stone)