Carly Rae Jepsen, I think, has been blonde for a while. But when I call up memories of Carly Rae in my mind, I never picture her as a blonde. It’s either brown or red. Just me? 


Here’s Carly in New York today after an appearance on Good Morning America. She’s promoting her new album, The Loveliest Time, and the look for this era, The Loveliest Time era, is very blonde and very long, maybe longer than she’s worn her hair in a while. Because that’s another thing where Carly’s hair is concerned – I don’t ever think of her with long hair. 

Which is why I’m writing about her physical presentation during this promotional cycle – because this part of the work: to associate a certain aesthetic with a particular album or project. Most popstars do this, Carly is no exception. 

And I love this long blonde moment on her. She wore it straight today but during her performances recently it’s been wavy and wild and she’s been serving in some Victorian hippy dresses and it’s a really good vibe on her.



As for The Loveliest Time – I’ve been listening to it here and there the last couple of weeks and while not all of the tracks are hitting for me, I do LOVE “Kamikaze” and, overall, I prefer the energy of this album to its preceding companion album, The Loneliest Time. I don’t feel as hype for it as Emotion, which is far and away her best, but I also appreciate that Carly is always experimenting as an artist and willing to not just do the same sh-t over and over again.