Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been together for…what….like 3 weeks? He already has an Ariana tattoo. Now they’re joking about having kids which, OK, I’m not taking that seriously but they are definitely serious. All celebrity relationships speed up on serious. Life for them is structured that way. They have money to travel to see each other. They have unconventional schedules. They’re all already dramatic people. But even by those standards, this has been quick. Fast flames flame out fast? Or is this meant to last? HA! (Dlisted) 

Thoughts on Taylor Swift with red hair? I don’t think I can make a decision here because … I don’t like the work. I don’t think the wig is all that great? Look at me, I wore a wig one f-cking time and I think I’m a wig expert. But, seriously, it doesn’t look like a smooth fit, does it? (Cele|bitchy) 

Not my favourite look in Mandy Moore. I’m not a big fan of wrap dresses to begin with and I don’t love much red, especially not this shade of red, and the material isn’t great and the belt looks cheap and I do not cosign the boots to go with it. There’s a better outfit out there for Mandy Moore. There are so many better outfits out there for Mandy Moore.  (Go Fug Yourself) 
The Washington Capitals could win the Stanley Cup tonight. Alex Ovechkin could win the Stanley Cup tonight. This is the result Jacek and I are hoping for. And there’s only one reason for it: Ovie is too good and has been too good for too long to not have a championship. Sorry Vegas. No. I’m not sorry, actually. You’ve been in the league a MINUTE. You can wait! (Pajiba) 

Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks is the father of an heir now. He and Chloe Green had a baby boy. That boy now has claim to all that Top Shop money. You know what made me laugh though? I read a headline today that said that the baby’s name is “unusual”. Um. Unusual? Unusual where?!? It’s Jayden!!! It’s the opposite of unusual! (TMZ) 

Here’s where I sound like a pretentious c-nt….but… is it possible to get bored in a bookstore? I can’t imagine it. So I don’t see this as boredom. I see it as… these are all the things you can do in a bookstore, on top of reading, which is why boredom is not possible, which is why you can never be bored in a bookstore. Right? (OMG Blog)