Sarah posted earlier about the writers’ strike and I am seconding what she said: we stand with the writers. The writers this week will not be writing for Pete Davidson who was supposed to be the guest host on Saturday Night Live but that’s not happening anymore. I’m not a huge Pete Davidson person but I am an SNL person and the show is always funnier when a former cast member is hosting so I was curious about this episode. And now, who knows when he’ll make it onto the schedule next. (Dlisted)


Lea Michele and Myles Frost announced the Tony Award nominations yesterday and have you heard Mariah Carey was on the list! Mimi could be going to the Tonys! Lea was at the Met Gala the night before and she was invited to make these announcements so, as the Fug Girls say, she’s definitely back in the fold with the Broadway community, especially since Funny Girl is now so profitable with her in it. I actually saw it a few weeks ago in New York, her performance is amazing. Doesn’t mean I’m a fan, but her talent is undeniable. And this outfit she’s wearing is very, very good. (Go Fug Yourself)  

King Charles’s coronation is three days away and now the British tabloids are bitching about Meghan Markle pulling focus… even though they keep putting the focus on her, LOL forever. (Cele|bitchy)  


I don’t live on enough real estate to warrant putting up a “no trespassing” sign but seeing these ones has me wondering what I would put on a sign if I did live on a piece of property where trespassing was an issue. My first thought was something like “if we catch you here we will force you to give a speech” because you know how they say public speaking is people’s greatest fear? But …not anymore, right? How could it be with Instagram and TikTok? (OMG Blog)  

I have never heard of a vegetable called a ramp. And now I’m finding out that people are obsessed with it and won’t stop talking about it. Have I ever eaten a ramp before and not known? Am I missing out on this ramp conversation? (Eater)