Pharrell is launching a new line of jewelry with Tiffany & Co. called “Tiffany Titan”, and there was a debut event last night in New York, where I presume at least half of these guests will be at the Met Gala on Monday. (I just assume any celebrity in New York within five days of the Met Gala is going to the Met Gala.) 


The jewelry is expensive and features a “signature spike motif inspired by the mythological Poseidon and his trident”. First of all, presumptuous to assume Poseidon is mythological, secondly, a spike isn’t a trident, but okay. 


Because Pharrell is a cool person people want to associate with, the event brought out some notable names, such as Blake Lively, Ayo Edebiri, Gabrielle Union, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, Anitta, Rosalía, Rosé, and Maggie Rogers (whose music I ADORE). Also, Law Roach was there, and I do love that he is becoming a celebrity in his own right. Although, I do wonder about the politics of dressing for this event, which seems to have a dress code of mostly black, except that Blake got to wear a blue dress, and Law is sporting a French blue shirt. Were they informed they didn’t have to wear black? How does that work?


Also, I just had this thought. Pharrell, a fashion icon in his own right and the men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton and now designer of his own luxury jewelry, has achieved the acceptance and respect of the fashion world P Diddy never got. Let's discuss on The Squawk. (app link here)