Amal Clooney was at an event last night in LA celebrating the Gianni Versace Archive. That’s a great gold dress on her. My favourite fit. Like a slouchy t-shirt.

What’s most interesting to me though is that she was even there in the first place. Not because Amal doesn’t love fashion. We all know she loves fashion. I love that she loves fashion. But because she’s not usually on the “scene” like this in Hollywood. This was a special event, of course. And it was an event to commemorate a fashion legend, so it’s not like she’s suddenly Kate Hudson and showing up everywhere. But I do wonder whether or not, if she and George Clooney spend more time in LA with their children, especially when the weather in England is sh-t, we’ll start to see her more regularly on the circuit.

And if that’s the case… who will her friends be?

She’s hanging out here with Isla Fisher. Which makes sense because George and Sacha Baron Cohen are very good friends. In a recent interview with THR he talks about how he and SBC are on an email chain:

“I've had an email exchange with Sacha Baron Cohen that's some of the filthiest stuff, honestly. Amal will be on the chain and she'll be upstairs and I'll hear her scream, 'No!' because it's just foul, and you think, 'Well, that would probably not be great if it came out.' "

Can you imagine? We all have nasty ass text threads with our friends. Last night on the text with my friend Lorella, we turned what I was ordering for dinner into pure porn.

So, anyway, Amal and Isla Fisher for sure. Probably Cindy Crawford. How long before the Jennifer Meyer crew starts recruiting her? Would Amal Clooney ever become a goop regular? Would Amal Clooney ever speak at a goop summit?! I can’t see it. But I very, very, very much want her to be friends with Angelina Jolie.