Is it considered an act of violence to throw food in someone’s face? I suppose it matters, what kind of food. This reminds me of the new season of American Vandal and the “Fruit Ninja”. I’m only two episodes in. Don’t tell me what happens. For some reason, I’m having such a hard time bingeing TV this year. Every series in my queue is half-watched. Anyway, I’m asking about food in the face because Piers Morgan took a pie in the face today and I’m not sure anyone is sad about it. (Dlisted) 

Kiernan Shipka’s knee socks aren’t working for the Fug Girls but they’re totally working for me. I do love a mismatched but matching sock. I agree about the shoes though – not that they’re open toe but just this particular pair of open-toe. The band is too wide or something. Socks + open-toe, though, I can defend. Because you know what? Why not. This way you don’t always have to have a fresh pedicure. This way you don’t have to only wear your open-toe shoes in the summer. Will you try? (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sandra Bullock. She stepped out the other night though to honour her friend, Sarah Paulson. By talking about all the things she “doesn’t like” about Sarah Paulson. Which, of course, was all the reasons why Sarah Paulson is so awesome – and it includes the fact that Sarah Paulson sometimes wears really weird clothes and still looks amazing. WHAT? You mean Sandra talked about clothes in a speech that was meant to celebrate the achievements of a woman?!? What would Blake Lively think?! (Cele|bitchy) 

Fendi just released a new shawl and people are probably going to start calling it the pussy sweater, especially for people who maintain a neat ring of stubble around the oval. I have no problem with this piece except that if you wear it and you have long hair, to get the full effect, you have to put your hair up. All the way up. Otherwise, I don’t think the message comes across. (OMG Blog) 

Everyone in my life is talking about LED light masks. Is this happening to you too? It’s because of Shani Darden’s that costs somewhere around $3K and all the celebrities are obsessed with it, swear by it. There are other more affordable options. And since it’s Halloween soon, you can incorporate them into your costumes. (The Cut) 

Oh my GOD….YES. YES to every word of this. Why do people veer left to turn right?! I hate them too. Finally someone has written a hate piece about this driving bullsh-t and I want you to send it to all the people you know who do this. I am related to many of them. (Very Smart Brothas)