Pink wore an incredible vintage Bob Mackie dress to the AMAs. I browse vintage clothing online a lot, and there are often good to very good condition dresses from Bob Mackie online. I wonder sometimes, when I see “1 person has this in their cart”, if someone’s stylist is shopping for a red carpet. (Go Fug Yourself)


Dove Cameron won Best New Artist at the AMAs, and she dedicated her award to the LGBTQ+ community, in the wake of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs that left 5 people dead and 25 injured. For anyone thinking there are not consequences to othering an already vulnerable community and questioning their place in society, stop fooling yourself. You can’t single someone out for attack and then act surprised when they actually get attacked. (DListed)

Counterpoint: Dustin wonders if it even matters which Bob is running Disney. I agree to outsiders, much won’t seem to change, especially at first. But in the long run, yes, everyone will notice a difference. Like I said, people didn’t like Bob Chapek. It led to a talent drain internally, which impacts what Disney shows us externally. Bob Iger can, hopefully, fix some of that. (Pajiba)


There was a wedding at the White House over the weekend, as President Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, wed Peter Neal. Her dress is by Ralph Lauren. Question: If first family members are allowed to hold weddings in the White House…shouldn’t everyone else be able to, too? It is “the people’s house”, after all. It would be terribly expensive, which is in and of itself exclusionary, and you’d probably only be able to do it when the president is not in residence, but if you could afford it, and pass any necessary security checks, should the White House be available to everyone? Peasants can get married at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, both royal palaces (though Windsor Castle is not available to the general public). Food for thought. (Celebitchy)

E. Alex Jung used the archive at Huntington Library to put together a profile of Octavia Butler, who donated her papers to the archive. The result is a posthumous profile that gives Butler the celebrity author treatment she always deserved. (Vulture)