On the final episode of Sasha Answers this season, we start off with pussies and then we move to dicks. After that we talk about work spouses. And at some point I also find a way to recommend a horny book. 

Sasha sent this video over to me yesterday and I found my heart. MY HEART! Look at this little guy! Look how seriously he takes his mission! He’s all like, LET ME IN THERE I HAVE A JOB TO DO! And then, of course, I think of the two assholes at my house who would have sniffed around the pockets for those treats and then spent the rest of the time eating those treats instead of actually being useful. (Dlisted) 

In general, I’m on board with this outfit on Noomi Rapace. This colour is not my favourite but it’s when it’s done in statement like this, monochrome on point, it becomes a different message that I can get behind. That said, it was a step too far, I think, with the earrings. The earrings didn’t have to be blue and plastic looking. Plastic are-ing? A silver pair of hoops would have been just fine. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Brad Pitt PR is working overtime these days. All this, that, and the other about how he never wanted it to get ugly with Angelina, he’s just devoted to his kids. And earlier we saw the first look at him and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie. And now he’s not looking to get into a serious relationship with Dr Neri Oxman because he’s focused on the children and his work. So….how did we end up hearing about Dr Oxman in the first place?! (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m torn between two quizzes so I’m recommending both. We’ve been talking about BDE all day so of course Buzzfeed has come up with a Big Dick Energy measurement. Turns out I have an average dick energy which basically confirms that I have no BDE. As for what kind of dog I would be – somehow I ended up as a pit bull. We have two beagles. What kind of answers have to happen for the beagles to come up? (Buzzfeed)

I love this I love this I love this so much. I love that she wasn’t offended by the question and instead was like, f-ck yeah, I believe that the people who were asking about my lipstick were also listening to what I was saying about non-lipstick related matters and I too care about my lipstick AND non-lipstick related matters. (The Cut) 

Who is the “next Jennifer Lawrence”? Were you even wondering if there would be a “next Jennifer Lawrence”? Apparently one has been identified. (Vulture)