This is a genius idea and I think they should consider it for all food trucks and festivals and yes, this is a first world problem but sometimes you have a drink to hold and maybe another food item but you don’t want to miss out on your chicken and, this way, you can also send a text to someone about how good the chicken is without having to put it down! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. (Dlisted) 

I f-cking love this story from Carly Rae Jepsen about flying on a private jet with Seal and Michael Bolton. Here’s my read on Seal’s bread-eating situation: they have catering on private jets but, maybe, they weren’t able to accommodate his dietary needs. So he came with his own gluten-free bread instead. You know why he had to have the bread though? He was hungry, obviously, but also… you need something to soak up the drinking. Because that’s another thing that happens on private jets: CHAMPAGNE. (Cele|bitchy)  

We saw big shoulders earlier today on the Chanel runway. And the shoulders are big at Givenchy too. This is a beautiful collection – the shapes are interesting and fresh and modern and 80s at the same time and the tailoring is, as usual, perfection. As for what pieces Meghan Markle might go for – I hope she goes for most if not all of it but I also worry that she’ll take the personality out of it because she has a tendency to neutralise her clothing instead of leaning into the design creativity. There’s a black suit here with one embellished lapel that seems made for her but any of the dreamy printed dressed with the high necklaces would be f-cking gorgeous on her too. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Captain Marvel is coming out this weekend. There are a lot of men who are upset about this and want to bring down the box office by sabotaging reviews. There are a lot of other people who are supporting the f-ck out of it and getting paid at the same time. Like Kris Jenner. I’m curious about this marketing strategy – how many people are going to see Captain Marvel just because Kris Jenner told them to? (Pajiba) 

Well… Kris Jenner created the youngest self-made billionaire so… (TMZ) 

Have you seen this koala? This koala’s name is Rogue and he’s Noah CentineoXDavid Hasselhoff of koalas, a straight up marsupial thirst trap. LOOK AT THIS FAMEWHORE. He’s horny as f-ck. And he was born ready. (People)