Yesterday I posted about the Charlie’s Angels reboot that Elizabeth Banks is directing. As mentioned, even though the script is still being worked on and we’re not yet close to casting (the release date is June 2019), the rumour is that Sony wants Janelle Monae to be one of the three Angels – an overwhelmingly popular choice. Not hearing any complaints so far. Here are some your suggestions about who would play the other two Angels:

Gina Rodriguez came up a lot, as did Priyanka Chopra. Also Doona Bae who’s currently starring in Netflix’s Sense8. And one person threw out Chrissy Teigen as an option to play the goofy Cameron Diaz/Natalie type. Many of you think Charlie should be a woman this time around. Angela Bassett came up as a possibility. Or even Drew Barrymore, as a nod to the previous reboot. I’m not mad at any of these ideas. What do you think of Idris Elba as the Big Bad?

Here’s Janelle at LAX yesterday in her signature colours. That’s another reason why we all need to see this happen. Picture her undercover in all those costumes, whatever it is that the angels are investigating – maybe an MMA fight, maybe it’ll be a hoe-down, maybe a Taylor Swift concert. Those scenes were always so fun in the Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu/Cameron Diaz version. And even though they’re updating the franchise, I can’t imagine they’d do away with that element.

Also attached – Cameron Diaz with Nicole Richie yesterday at the nail bar. It’s been over three years since Cam last acted. And we haven’t heard anything about any upcoming projects either. So she’s being extremely selective about what she comes back for… or she’s just not in any hurry to return to the spotlight. Next month marks the 20th anniversary of My Best Friend’s Wedding. And next year is the 20th anniversary of There’s Something About Mary. After those two movies, Cam worked non-stop for almost 15 years. Compared to that, three years doesn’t seem like such a long time. I do miss her though. As Duana and I said a few weeks ago on Show Your Work, I miss her on a red carpet.