Good name, Barcade. It’s a bar and an arcade in New York and that’s where Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were last night, out for a date that included a few drinks, a few games, and a lot of affection. RiRi and Rocky are unanimous, right? Some celebrity couples generate interest from some but not others. Few celebrity couples are across the board popular, everyone is on board. Rihanna and Rocky, though, I mean we’re all into this, aren’t we? This is an undisputed popular power couple. And it seems like they’re OK with this. 


At least from these pictures of them as they’re leaving Barcade, with the paps around, and he has his arm around her and her hand holding his, RiRi and Rocky look happy. They look comfortable. They look like they know they’re a Couple of Major Interest, and they’re not all that fussed about it. Because whatever it is that the public is putting on them, there is clearly so much more, mostly more, that they’ve built in private that’s just theirs. Which is basically what Rocky said in his recent GQ profile, when he revealed that they went on a cross-America road trip in an RV last year, stopping in small towns or by the side of the road, getting to know the land …and each other, better than they ever have in all the years they’ve known each other. 

Question: do you think they decided on their outfits together before stepping out?