Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were together last week in New York when she celebrated her ma’s birthday and now they’re in LA, photographed leaving Delilah’s last night after 3am. Pre-pandemic, celebrity schedules didn’t often align with their love lives. For Rihanna, a fashion mogul, she was flying from Paris to London to LA working on all her business products, from clothing to makeup to skincare. And, for the Navy, hopefully the recording studio. Rocky would be travelling and touring, performing, etc. While some of this is picking up now, it’s still not the same as before. Which means it’s easier to coordinate schedules, be in the same city at the same time, cross-country if necessary. And it’s a sign of how serious they are that they have been together over a year now, relatively undercover, keeping what they have to themselves, and seemingly very much connected. This is a power couple. They’re just not putting themselves on blast. 


Although I do appreciate the double leather. It’s not matching, necessarily, but with these two superstars, leaving the club just before dawn, there’s definitely a rock’n’roll vibe to the aesthetic. And check his cheek and the lipstick stain. Seems to match up with the colour Rihanna had on her lips. Which might be even hotter than actually seeing them kiss.