Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Meghan Markle’s ma, Doria Ragland, has arrived in London which of course means that Baby Sussex’s arrival is imminent. Seems like a good time to talk about name predictions. I asked a couple of weeks ago to send me yours. Here’s what you’re thinking: 

Diana, Doria, Philip, and Spencer are the most popular, followed by the usuals like Margaret, Rose, Alexandra/er, Victoria, Frances, Albert, Alice, Jane, etc. But those are the four that show up a lot in the messages. Diana and Doria, obviously, in honour of Harry and Meghan’s mothers, and Philip because Harry has always seemed close to his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

I don’t think it’s going to be Diana. Naming your child after your mother, the People’s Princess, one of the most beloved icons in history, is a LOT of pressure. As a middle name? Sure. But as a first name? This child is already going to be a heatscore. Turning her (if she is a her) into “Diana” only amplifies that – and I’m not sure that Harry, in particular, wants that for his kid. Imagine, if it’s a girl, how she’d react to it when she’s old enough? Seriously, dad? You couldn’t have let me come into my own identity, you had to put that kind of spotlight on me from the first moments of my life? 

As for Spencer… 

Yeah, I get it. Spencer doesn’t carry the intense weight of Diana. Spencer is a strong possibility but there’s an issue with Spencer – maybe it’s my own issue, so maybe it’s totally not an issue but, in recent times, the name Spencer has some douchebag associations. Spencer Pratt is an American reality star known for (and has admitted to) being the biggest asshole on The Hills. Spencer Matthews is a UK reality star with his own notoriety. And he’s the brother of Pippa Middleton’s husband so that might be too close, you know? There’s also Spencer Morgan…who? Spencer Morgan is the son of that blowhard Piers Morgan. 

Do you think Harry and Meghan want to have that in common with Piers Morgan!?

There’s a reason Duana is very, very excited for the Naming of Baby Sussex – and it’s because of the Sussex position in the ruling order. This child will not be king or queen. Which means they don’t have to go as traditional as Prince William’s kids, not unlike Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s children, Beatrice and Eugenie. Those names aren’t crazy out there but they also aren’t super common, they are names with a lot more flair – and Harry and Meghan have the opportunity to do the same. 

Which is why I love that one of you threw out “Daisy”. I mean, it’s probably not going to be “Daisy” but wouldn’t you love it if it were, just because, in that family, it would so fresh? The way “Zara” felt fresh? Someone else predicted “Paloma”. “Paloma” has a punk spirit to it too. My predictions are much less punk. These are the ones I’m locking in: 

For a boy – Frederick (Freddie Sussex!) or Martin as the first name followed by Philip, Charles, Spencer and/or in the middle slots. This is how Harry is going to shut down the rumours of a rift between him and his brother. 

For a girl – Maya as the first name followed by Doria or variation and/or Diana in the middle. 

Any day now!