Dear Gossips,

The best thing I read on the internet yesterday was in the new issue of The Cut, “The Lookbook goes to Zitomer”. If you haven’t read it I’m about to make your life. 

Zitomer is an “Upper East Side pharmacy-slash-department store”. You know who would shop at Zitomer? Aunt March, from Little Women. 

Who is the Zitomer shopper? We meet several of them here in this piece that should be nominated for all the magazine prizes and, as my friend Lorella pointed out, they all wear sensible shoes. They’re also all goddesses – one actually IS a goddess: that would be Lynn B Goddess, she is a “woman of taste”. 

Duana’s personal favourite is Shirley Sacks. Shirley definitely has the best outfit. I would wear the sh-t of Shirley Sacks’s sack dress. But I’m partial to Trudy, Trudy Selib. First of all, although this piece is fullllll of lifetime quotes, Trudy really dropped the mic on hers. When asked what she bought at Zitomer, her response: 

“Gifts for my granddaughter, who is at camp. She sent me a note wondering how her parents were doing without her. They’re doing just fine.


Who is Trudy? I need to know. Trudy either knows nothing or she knows everything. Don’t sleep on Trudy. Behind those glasses is a woman with all the secrets. 

If my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, lived in New York, she would shop at Zitomer, guaranteed. Click here to enjoy the feature and if it’s your first time, be prepared to meet your new idols.   

Yours in gossip,