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Who was it that started the expectation that Halloween requires a thousand outfit changes? Was it Kelly Ripa? Kelly and Ryan Seacrest’s Halloween special today was inspired by Taylor Swift. They’re calling it Look What You Made Us Do. And apparently there are 44 costume changes.

Morley, our executive producer at etalk, is also Halloween-obsessed. He’s already talking about it in June. This is when we all start running away from him. We spend the entire month of October – and I mean literally the beginning of October – shooting Halloween sketches for our annual Spooktacular. And Morley even managed to recruit Jacob Tremblay to participate in our special. The rest of us are required to play several characters, all of them somehow themed around pop culture and celebrity, with a Halloween twist. Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been in a Halloween funk. This is the reason why. And, yes, Morley is reading. Don’t you think I’ve already bitched about this to his face?

Anyway, last year, I was the beast from The Ring:


Happy Halloween!

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Not gonna lie, even though I’ve been moaning and groaning about it, I appreciated my assignment this year: they asked me to play myself – so, basically, a deranged piece of sh-t. Not Pennywise, but PooWise. Because, as you may know, I love sh-t. I love talking about sh-t. I love talking about how I don’t sh-t enough. Sh-t is my favourite subject. As PooWise, I go around the office leaving turds for people.

Probably my favourite of all our costumes though is Traci Melchor’s. She’s Orphan Blac Chyna. I laughed for a long, long time. Etalk’s Halloween Spooktacular airs tonight on CTV at 7pm.

Happy Halloween!

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