Prince Andrew, who’s been disinvited from events on his trip to Northern Ireland next week, has disabled comments on Instagram. It should be clear why he doesn’t want people commenting on his posts but just in case… 

Prince Andrew was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile rapist who went to prison for being a pervert and was in federal custody at the time of his death and facing more charges of sex trafficking and forcing girls to service his rich, powerful friends. Prince Andrew was photographed with his arm around one of Epstein’s alleged victims. He has denied any impropriety. But a lot of people have a lot of questions about his and Epstein’s relationship. And I guess some of them have been leaving those questions in the comments on Instagram and sharing their feelings about what they think of Prince Andrew continuing to be friends with Epstein two years after his release from jail and answering the door at his New York mansion and getting massages by young Russian girls inside. 

Poor Prince Andrew, you know? He’s being bullied on social media. Will the Daily Mail try to get us to feel bad for him? 

Speaking of the Daily Mail, did you know that they limit comments on Prince Andrew articles on their site but they do not limit comments on Meghan Markle articles on their site? This is why there are thousands of sh-tty comments directed at Meghan underneath those posts but nowhere near the same vitriol directed at Andrew under his posts. Why is that? Even if you’re a Meghan hater, the worst thing she did was get on a private plane with Prince Harry and wear dark nail polish. It’s not like she was hanging out with a dude who was preying on children. And yet, if you visit the Daily Mail, you’d get the impression that Meghan’s generating so much more disapproval. What’s the explanation for that? 

Today they’re mad at Meghan and Harry, but mostly Meghan, because let’s face it, she’s the real target here, because apparently she and Harry turned down the Queen’s invitation to spend part of their holiday at Balmoral. Supposedly their excuse was that Archie is too young to travel, even though he’s already travelled to Ibiza and the South of France. HOW DARE THEY? 

Here’s the thing – for weeks the UK tabloids were reporting that Harry and Meghan were expected in Scotland. They didn’t end up going to Scotland, meaning the tabloids were wrong. And now we’re getting a story about them not going to Scotland and Balmoral because they were rejecting the Queen’s invitation? Is this really about Meghan and Harry saying “no thanks” to the Queen? Or is this about the tabloids covering up the fact that their reporting was off? 

Also, can we make up our minds? On the one hand, the tabloids are presenting Meghan as a social-climbing golddigging scammer who conned her way into the royal family. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t that scammer want to be as near to the monarch as possible? Isn’t that the point of the scam, to get close to the centre of power? Is she scammer then? Or is she not a scammer and simply rude as f-ck and ungrateful, unappreciative of the fact that the Queen extended to them such a special opportunity and turned it down? Which is it?