Roya Nikkhah reported in The Sunday Times this weekend on the British royal family’s reaction to the highly anticipated upcoming book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Finding Freedom, by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, already a bestseller on preorders. So what’s the scoop from inside the palace on what they think will be coming? 


“A senior palace source said: “The rest of the royal family will not be telling their side of the story. They feel that in this new world, people are more interested in seeing the family support frontline workers than reading about their internal politics. 

“It was a soap opera. Everyone knows the narrative that’s coming. The feeling is that drama and everything that comes with it has left. Let the rest of the royal family get on with it.”

“The drama and everything has left”… 

Cut to Prince Andrew. As the kids say, “hold my beer”. 

A new book is coming out next week by Nigel Cawthorne called Prince Andrew: The End of The Monarchy and Epstein. Here’s the cover: 

Prince Andrew: The End of The Monarchy and Epstein

Oh look. The second son of Queen Elizabeth is on the cover of a book with a dead rapist pedophile! And these palace aides, these vipers, are trying to come with the narrative with the “drama and everything” has left? 

Well if he’s still there, how has the drama left? The drama is very comfortably being sheltered under mummy’s protective wing and has reportedly refused to cooperate with American investigators in the Epstein case. The drama, for decades now, since he was a child, really, has been badly behaved, irresponsible with money, and is alleged to have participated in a sex trafficking ring. So how the f-ck has the drama left?!

It hasn’t. But it tells you what they consider to be drama and what they don’t. It tells you how dirty and f-cked the perspective is within that institution. That a member of the royal family, the Queen’s son, the future king’s brother, is embroiled in this kind of scandal and they don’t qualify that as a problem.