Is anyone curious about Prince Andrew’s finances?! 

It was reported yesterday that Prince Andrew is being sued for not paying a bill. Per Sky News:

“Prince Andrew is caught in a dispute over a Swiss chalet amid reports legal proceedings have been launched against him over an unpaid bill of £5m.


Le Temps newspaper said the Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York bought the holiday home in the Verbier ski resort in 2014.

But the pair did not meet a deadline of paying off part of the sum for the seven-bedroom chalet in December 2019, according to the newspaper.”

Apparently Andrew and Fergie paid £18.3 million for the property. That was in 2014. But, remember, in 2011, just three years prior, Fergie had to apologise for borrowing money from Jeffrey Epstein, the rapist pedophile now dead. It was reportedly Andrew’s office that arranged the loan. And a year before that, she got busted for trying to broker a deal for access to Andrew in exchange for $700,000. All of that happened before the purchase of the Swiss resort home but during the time Prince Andrew was Britain’s trade envoy, when he was representing the country internationally, meeting with world and business leaders, and moving in circles where a LOT of money was in the room. He eventually stepped down from the position because of all this controversy, not just related to Fergie but because of his own shady associations and his irresponsible spending. 


So, after all this, three years later in 2014, somehow he and Fergie are able to afford an £18.3 million holiday pad?! When she was skint not too long ago and … well... if he had the money to give her, why was he setting her up with sketchy billionaire rapist pedophiles for the cash!?

Interestingly, Andrew’s initiative [email protected], where he connected aspiring entrepreneurs with wealthy investors and investment firms was founded in 2014, the very year he bought this property. He hosted these events at Buckingham Palace. And was doing it because, you know, he wanted to help people get their start in business, OK LOL. But … was there also a bonus for him?!

The story about Andrew getting sued for not paying his bill on this Swiss property is out there, yes. But are people asking questions about how he thought he’d actually be able to afford it? I get it, even royals overextend themselves financially, just like commoners. But at a certain point, the Queen’s beloved second son and his ex-wife/life partner were confident they’d be able to pay for a place worth that many millions when at one point they had to beg a pedophile for some cash…

And you’re telling me this doesn’t stink?!