What do you do when you’re officially a royal disgrace and have to quit being royal in public because of your friendship with a dead rapist pedophile? Well, if you’re Prince Andrew, you continue being very royal in private with your mother, the Queen – on horseback, of course. He went riding with Her Majesty so, clearly, even though he’s persona non grata everywhere else, inside the palace gates, he’s still her favourite. And this is not a criticism of her. I mean, he’s her son. Of course she’s always going to love her son. So she’s going to make sure he’s OK and properly taken care of. What does that look like, though? Does it mean there’s a plan in place to rehabilitate him? Or is this just a message to Prince Charles that even after she’s gone, he can’t completely cut off his brother? (Dlisted) 

What is happening over in the UK with their reality shows? How do they come up with this? I’m not complaining, I swear. It’s just so weird and delightful – like this latest one, that’s coming to North America, featuring two strangers who learn the same choreo and perform it together on their first date. It’s bonkers. And I think I’m in. (Pajiba) 

Ciara is hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday and here’s what she wore to a press event. It’s not my favourite. And I’m hoping it’s a setup – as in she’s banking the real amazingness for the night of the show. Because this outfit is pretty ordinary. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Wait, wait, wait…what? This entire week in British royal headlines has been dominated by Prince Andrew’s embarrassing sweat glands and the fact that he’s been sacked by his own mother. And for some reason the Sun is talking about how the Queen “won’t tolerate” something something to do with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “stepping out of line”? How the f-ck did it come back to House Sussex when House York is the family blemish? (Cele|bitchy) 

Ummmm…challenge ACCEPTED. “Only a trivia expert” will be able to get 13/20 on this quiz. Please. I got 15/20. I’m going to call myself a trivia expert. Are you? (Buzzfeed)