Prince Charles is in Davos today to address the delegation and speak about climate change, urging world leaders and billionaires to get serious about saving the planet. On the Clarence House Instagram page, it says that Charles travelled by electric Jaguar after landing in Switzerland:


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But how did he get there from England? Well, he took a private jet. Apparently he was “forced” to do so because the “ministerial jet” he was supposed to be on had mechanical issues. I guess flying commercial wasn’t an option. 

Charles is the future king. He’s 71 years old. He has been advocating for the environment for decades, well before anyone else. Air travel is a reality for someone in his position. So is security. Whatever his reasons for it, I get it. That is not the issue. We all have to do better and try harder and be educated on what better and harder look like. But this is about coverage and balance. 

Charles flying private today to a summit to discuss climate change is not the top headline for the UK tabloids. They’ve covered it, but it’s buried. It was not buried for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact, they kept that story alive for two weeks with no attempts made to offset the vilification by pointing out that other senior members of the royal family have flown private … while talking about sustainability and saving the planet! In Charles’s case, the Daily Mail has generously given an explanation about why Charles chose to fly to Davos to speak to an audience that included Greta Thunberg (who sailed a boat across an ocean when she went to the UN) about climate change. It’s a fair report. So they’re clearly capable of being fair…selectively. And that’s been the issue where the Sussexes are concerned.