I wrote earlier about the British royal family’s ability to “carry on”. And this is what they’re doing, even though there may probably be eight new Thomas Markle developments between now and Saturday. There’s a wedding to focus on. There are plans in place. They are moving ahead. And today Kensington Palace announced the list of bridesmaids and page boys that Harry and Meghan have chosen. There are ten in total – six girls and four boys. One of those is the future king, Prince Big G. And, of course, his sister Princess Charlotte. 

This will be Big G and Charlotte’s second wedding. Last year they were part of Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews. You remember, right? You do, because that’s when Princess Kate read Big G for messing around with Pippa’s dress. And then he cried and put his sucky face on. Here. Let’s revisit what that looked like: 

Will we get a repeat of that at Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Or will Big G be able to restrain himself? I’m waiting for Gary Janetti’s post about this announcement. 


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As for the other kids who’ll be involved, all three children of my colleague, Ben Mulroney, and his wife, Jessica, have been included. Which means that 30% of the bridal party is Canadian. And there’s also Florence van Cutsem, cousin of Grace van Cutsem. Who’s Grace? Oh you know Grace. This is Grace:

Grace is 10 years old now. Here she is on her birthday last summer:


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So. Which kid is going to deliver on that “adorable kid” moment that happens at every wedding, royal or otherwise? My money is on Jasper Dyer, 6, Prince Harry’s godson, whose parents are Amanda and Mark Dyer. Jasper has always seemed to me a rascally name.