Before we get to Big G at the football, House Cambridge and House Sussex have reunited for an Every Mind Matters PSA in support of mental health. The voices of William and Catherine of House Cambridge and Harry and Meghan of House Sussex can be heard in the longer version that will air in the UK tonight. Will speaks first, followed by Harry, then Meghan, then Kate, and then Will again. 

Meghan, given her background, sounds great here – she could easily do voice work in commercials. But Kate’s really improved her speaking skills and she does a good job in this VO, especially with the last part: “and feel more in control”. Note the emphasis on “more”. Part of my job in broadcasting is voiceovers. The best on our team, in my opinion, is Danielle Graham. She’s the master at it. I’m always ripping off her cadence. Wonder if Kate’s had some coaching – and if so, it’s not unusual. After all, actors are coached on their reads too. Commercial actors are always given notes by producers for VOs in how they deliver the script. Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Love Actually) wrote the script for this PSA and he visited the Cambridges and the Sussexes at their homes last month to record it. These things don’t happen in one take. 

But back to Big G – he was with Will, Kate, and Charlotte at the Aston Villa 5-1 win over Norwich on Saturday. Jesus, some of scores lately in soccer have been outrageous. Tottenham lost 7-2 last week against Bayern. I live with a Tottenham fan. I think there might be holes in our walls because of it. Anyway William has clearly passed his team loyalty onto his firstborn – check out Big G LOSING IT in the stands:

I’ve watched this half a dozen times, it’s hilarious and adorable and pure. How long before Big G starts showing up at these things with his face painted?