The children. Always a highlight for (most) people at weddings. You know who’s emerging as the reliable royal mischief-maker though? Savannah Phillips. You remember when she did this at Trooping the Colour?

Savannah will be the one, the one saving lives in the future. She may be the only one who can stop Big G’s impulses. She’s the cousin ringleader. There’s always a cousin ringleader, the one who finds the fun or makes the fun. Looks like she’s one of the few people Big G idolises. Look at her messing around as they were all walking down the aisle: 


And Big G trying to contain himself:


Here he is holding onto her hand, perhaps trying to listen to whatever secret joke she’s telling his sister. When Savannah is planning something, even Big G wants to be included. 


When you gather that many kids together though, the spontaneity is to be expected. That’s where the comedy comes from. And almost always you’re guaranteed a nosepicker. Today’s nosepicker is the future king himself:

Also guaranteed – a wave from Princess Charlotte: