Let’s start with today, because these are the freshest photos. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out this afternoon hand in hand in London, just hours after the birth of their nephew, who I’m calling Prince Trey for now until they confirm a name. While William and Kate are dealing with Trey’s arrival and getting ready to leave the hospital, Harry and Meghan were at the 25th anniversary Stephen Lawrence memorial service. 

Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993, when he was just 18 years old, by 5 racist white men and the resulting investigation was so bullsh-t that it resulted in an inquest that called out the police’s “institutional racism” and “the "collective failure of an organisation to provide a professional service … through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantage minority ethnic people".

As you can appreciate, then, Meghan’s appearance, in particular, at the memorial today is not insignificant, especially now as many in the UK are wondering whether or not the inquest and its findings had any impact on racial violence. And, going forward, as such a prominent member of the royal family who also happens to be biracial, it will be interesting to see how Meghan uses her platform to call for justice and equality. 

You know what’s ironic about all of this? Check out this Daily Mail cover from back in the day:

Daily Mail Murderers Headline

And now it’s the Daily Mail that often foments racial division, with articles about Meghan being “straight outta Compton” and a readership that has shown itself to be …well… pretty f-cking ignorant. 

Needless to say then, Meghan could be shaking up the Firm in ways big and small. How small? I wrote last week about the shoulder thing and she’s going sleeveless once again today. On the weekend, she wore a green Self Portrait dress that was probably a lower V in the front than we’re used to seeing from the royals and it also featured very slim strips of see-through detail around the waist. Scandale!

Can you imagine the old-timey pearl-clutchers losing their sh-t over the fact that she’s not rolling around in whatever kind of dowdy-ass outfits they would prefer? 

As for the blue Stella McCartney dress she wore to the Queen’s birthday concert, it’s pretty cute that she and Harry decided to match that night but what’s even cuter is that I’m told they couldn’t stop whispering through the show. The way it was described to me is that they seemed “frisky”. Hot, right?