WE Day is for youth. Thousands of young people are recognised for their social contributions and invited to participate in a day of empowerment, with celebrity guest speakers encouraging their efforts as they continue to engage with their immediate and greater communities. Prince Harry is the President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, working with youth leaders as they develop their philanthropic goals. Harry has attended WE Days in the past and once again he was the big headliner today at WE Day UK. 

During his remarks, Harry quoted Dr Martin Luther King Jr that he said his wife often reminds him of:


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." 

Surprise! Meghan Markle joined him on stage. Where that quote is concerned, I’m curious about when she brings it up with him. I imagine sometimes it’s when he pops off about the racism that she’s been experiencing since they began their relationship. We know Harry has a temper. We saw him launch a Love Shield early on over the UK media’s coverage. And he’s had many reasons to continue to be pissed. Maybe this is some insight into their dynamic – he’s the one pounding the table and she’s like, Harry, anger isn’t going to solve it. Don’t worry, I got this. Here’s full text of Harry’s remarks:

And here are photos of the Sussexes together on stage, as tactile and affectionate as ever and, naturally, as belly-cuppy as ever. As usual Gary Janetti – or Big G – has the best take:


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