As previously mentioned in the Crazy Rich Asians post, TIME released the TIME 100 list today and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are both on it, under the “Leaders” category, hilariously right next to Donald Trump. Elton John wrote Harry’s piece and Priyanka Chopra wrote Meghan’s piece and she really ran with the princess fairy tale theme, going so far as to call her a “princess for the people”. You know the association when the words “princess” and “people” are put together. You know who everyone immediately thinks about. 

Harry and Meghan were out together again at CHOGM today, turning it on pretty bright for the royal family. You’re probably going to see this photo a lot and everywhere.

Again, as noted yesterday, the young royals have been assigned to do some serious work on Her Majesty’s behalf this week, especially as it is Prince Charles’s hope to take over the position of Head of the Commonwealth when the Queen isn’t around anymore. Harry and Meghan’s relationship is a major asset. Their relationship is an ambassador for The Firm. The upcoming wedding, exactly a month from today, is currently the family’s most valuable diplomat. 

Also… her outfit today is a big improvement on yesterday terrible over-the-shoulder jacket situation. Excellent wardrobe choice.