Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented their baby to the world today at Windsor Castle. 

Instead of stepping outside the hospital in front of an audience of fans and a media wall, it was just a couple of cameras, a reporter, and a producer asking Harry and Meghan a few basic questions before they went back inside. Harry was the one holding the baby, Meghan rubbing his back as they left. And still…no name. 

Duana’s on standby waiting on this name so that she can finish writing her post. It’s been in draft form for two weeks. When is the name coming? 

Like I’ve been saying, this child is already a celebrity. He arrived on Monday and dominated headlines. He took a break yesterday to wait for the Met Gala buzz to die down. He stepped back into the spotlight again today and we’ll be talking about this appearance, brief as it was, for hours. Meghan, as we’ve seen, has great PR game. Why give it away all at once? Why not roll it out in stages and let every stage breathe? Like… Game of Thrones, LOL. 

Actually, I’m serious. They’re making it so that we can’t binge this. Every step of this rollout must be savoured. Right now, then, we’re supposed to be savouring seeing them together for the first time as a three-piece and processing their comments. Like this one:  

“I have the two best guys in the world so I’m really happy.”

That’s a great quote – and she knows it. This is the one that’s going to be picked up and shared everywhere. And it would not have time to land if they’d given us the name at the same time. So sit with this for a couple of hours or maybe more, until they’re ready to deliver the next drop.