Kensington Palace announced more details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding today. James Vivian who is the Director of Music at St George’s Chapel will direct “a selection of choral groups, soloists, and musicians”. 

And those musicians include: 


A young black cellist and a gospel choir are performing at the royal wedding. At St George’s Chapel. Next to Windsor Castle. These are spaces where, not too long ago (and probably still, on a regular basis), it was white faces only. 

And all of this will be broadcast on television internationally, it will be one of the most-watched events of the year, if not THE most watched event of the year. This is how Meghan and Harry are choosing to present their union to the world. It’s pretty f-cking special. It’s pretty hard to hate. 

Unless, of course, you’re one of those old-timey pearl-clutchers, like Princess Of Michael and her collection of racist jewels. Is she invited? 

If there was any doubt about how Meghan and Harry will operate as a team after they’re married, these wedding decisions have given us a pretty solid idea. They’re not ripping up the page…but they’re definitely colouring outside the lines. A gospel choir at St George’s Chapel bringing all that energy to those uppity tight-asses who have a hard time smiling at their own children! Must See TV. 

UPDATE: This article was originally posted with photos that were taken in March. For some reason, because my sorting filter is f-cked up on my agency page, these were the first shots that came up when I searched Meghan and Harry's names on the database, and I just ended up downloading them and throwing them up directly on the site. The photo you see now is from yesterday after the sorting filter was adjusted.